Vanilla sugar x 10 bag (Smart Chef)

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Vanilla sugar x 10 bag (Smart Chef)

Smart Chef’s 10 sachets of vanilla sugar from Tunisia are a delicious combination of refined sugar and the exquisite natural flavour of vanilla. Each sachet of this vanilla sugar offers a subtle, sweet aromatic touch, perfect for enhancing a variety of culinary and pastry preparations.

Each sachet of “Smart Chef” brand vanilla sugar is carefully measured to ensure an even distribution of flavour and sugar in your recipes. Vanilla, the star ingredient in this creation, adds a warm, delicate note to your sweet dishes, from desserts to hot drinks.

Conveniently packaged in individual 10-gram sachets, it’s easy to dose and economical to use. Whether you want to flavour your pastries, creams, sauces or even drinks, “Smart Chef” vanilla sugar offers a practical solution for adding a gourmet touch to your culinary creations.

The “Smart Chef” brand is renowned for its commitment to quality and the origin of its ingredients. This vanilla sugar is the result of a careful combination of high quality sugar and natural vanilla flavouring, to satisfy the most demanding palates.

By choosing “Smart Chef” brand vanilla sugar, consumers can enrich their preparations with the authentic flavour of vanilla, while enjoying the convenience of a well thought-out product from a brand dedicated to customer satisfaction.



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